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Betting on another great ‘Modern Family’

Betting on another great 'Modern Family'

Betting on another great 'Modern Family'

It’s been a month, so welcome back indeed to “Modern Family.”

The new year started with the return of Benjamin Bratt as Manny’s father, Javier. When he went on an outing to the racetrack with Jay and his son, it wasn’t long before the two dads butted heads.

Manny, on the other hand (who was ganging up a bit on Jay with his father), was having the time of his life. At one point, he said, “I love gambling, it’s so easy!”

Of course, Jay and Javier (who I just realized have the same name – yeah, I’m slow) saw the error of their ways, just like Mitchell, who decided to make up to Cam for his territorial behavior and not letting Cam place a trophy next to his on the mantelpiece.

“I’m so glad I spoke to Alex because she agreed with every single thing that I was saying,” said Mitchell, “which made me realize that I was acting like a 14-year-old girl!”

Of course, when Mitchell tried to make it up to him (and realized that Cam had a very large trophy collection), his plan fell apart when an errant mouse caused him to drop and stomp on some of the trophies. In front of Cam, naturally.

At the same time, Phil’s doctor made the – shall we say, near-fatal – mistake of calling him and leaving a message, which Phil believed to be very bad news.

The entire family came by – including Jay, coffee cake in hand – believing the worst, thanks to Gloria’s panic over Phil’s prognosis… which turned out to be an inquiry about real estate. (Congrats to Gloria, by the way, this week’s MVP!)

And you just had to know that Phil had a game show appearance in his past – the ’90s to be exact – an appearance which included a special thanks to Jay and his ex-wife for being such a great example of a lasting marriage. Whoops.



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