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Three kids found abandoned in shed

Oregon police say they've found mother of three abandoned children

Oregon police say they’ve found mother of three abandoned children


  • NEW: Police remove the children’s photos, saying they “are no longer appropriate”
  • Police found the children — an infant and two toddlers — on Thursday morning
  • Homeless people say they think the children’s mother abandoned them
  • The three appear to be healthy, a police spokesman says Continue reading


  • The Spanish banking system has taken center stage in the ongoing European debt crisis drama. The bursting of a housing bubble that was formed by the combination of cheap credit and Spain's attractive climate has left Spain's banking system teetering under a mountain of bad loans. (more…)
  • ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday cancelled a visit to Russia in a bid to contain a domestic crisis sparked by the Supreme Court disqualifying Yusuf Raza Gilani as prime minister, a spokesman said. (more…)
  • STORY HIGHLIGHTS Syria's conflict has spilled into Lebanon, where clashes killed 9 in Tripoli and Beirut Lebanon strongly influenced by Syria both politically and militarily since independence in 1943 There is evidence Syrian rebels are receiving arms smuggled across the Lebanese border Many believe Syria's regime is stirring up violence in Lebanon to distract from their own conflict (more…)


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